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Powerful solutions to today’s divided politics

We are Marylanders committed to non-partisan election innovations that increase voter participation, improve representation and accountability, promote civility, and encourage legislative problem-solving.

Let's revitalize our democracy by putting voters first.

We imagine a democracy in which:

All winning candidates are supported by at least 50% of the electorate.

All voters are allowed to participate in all taxpayer-funded elections.


Americans are more divided than ever.

A majority of voters believe that electing the other party would create lasting harm (UVA Center for Politics, Oct 2023).


What voters really care about is not likely to be addressed.

86% of voters say the parties are more focused on fighting each other than on solving problems (Pew Research Center, Sept 2023).

My Vote
Doesn’t Matter

Voters feel unheard and not well represented.

60% of voters feel unheard (Congressional Institute, Feb 2017), and more than 70% of Americans don’t believe Congress listens to the concerns of their constituents (Pew Research Center, Sept 2023).

at Risk

Faith in democracy has plummeted.

Americans' trust in government is the lowest in nearly seven decades, from 77% to 16% (Source: Pew Research Center)

But, we're not there yet.
Instead, we see civic dysfunction across our country.
Election innovation: proven solutions to civic dysfunction

 Restoring our democracy requires party neutral election system innovations that can be trusted and supported by all Americans.

Versions of both Majority Choice Elections and Expanded Participation Primaries are popular across the political spectrum, and have been battle-tested in states, cities, and counties across America.

Making all votes count in Maryland  

There are a variety of innovations that can be applied to Maryland's elections systems, from local to federal contests. Wherever applied, Maryland's voters can be a part of the solution to today's civic dysfunction.  

These innovations have been found to :
Increase voter participation and satisfaction

Broaden accountability and representation 

Improve civil discourse and reduce toxic campaigning

Empower legislators to work for the public good without jeopardizing re-election

All Votes Count Maryland
We are a bipartisan group of Marylanders working to fulfill the promise of American democracy by making sure that all votes count.
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