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A powerful and achievable solution that puts voters first and gives politicians the freedom to act in the public interest


Final Five Voting is the combination of a top-five primary election and a ranked-choice general election—an election innovation that makes sure that all votes count and that those elected are accountable to all voters.

Final Five Voting
  • All candidates run on a single primary ballot, regardless of party affiliation.

  • All voters are eligible to vote in this single primary. Voters select their favorite candidate.

  • When the votes are tallied, the top five vote getters advance to the general election.


Top-Five Primary Election

Single choice vote ballot
  • Voters rank the five candidates in order of preference. 

  • If no candidate earns a majority (over 50%) of the first-choice votes, the lowest polling candidate is eliminated and each of their voters’ single votes are transferred to their next-best choice.

  • This continues until one candidate has the majority and is declared the winner. 


Ranked-Choice General Election

Rank choice voting ballot
How it works

All Votes Count

Winners will be chosen by a majority of voters in November, instead of in low turnout primaries.


Those elected will be accountable to all voters

Legislators can work across the aisle, deal powerfully with trade-offs, bargain effectively, and deliver consensus solutions to complex challenges because those actions are more likely to be rewarded in the next election.

Benefits of Final Five Voting

Final Five Voting is not designed to change WHO wins elections, it’s designed to change WHAT winners do while governing.

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